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Beginner Yoga Poses

YogaLife is here to help you learn. Rather than overwhelm you with pages of instruction, we want to convey the main points of these canít-live-without poses. We hope youíll find our instructions to be healthy how-tos, not laborious to-dos. Follow these easy steps to transform yourself from a ball of tension into a fit, firm, and focused freebird. Adapt them to your body and donít over-think it. Remember, yoga is a practice, not a performance.

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Moon Salutation

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Mantra for a Restless Mind

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Yogic Breathing Technique
Find out what makes yoga real and really powerful.
If we were to cite all of the studies documenting how breathwork diminishes pain, eases stress, anxiety, lowers blood pressure, fights fatigue, and bolsters immunity we would be here forever. We prefer to get down to practice. Go ahead, inhale. Hereís how.
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Rabbit Pose
Learn Rabbit to relieve head, neck, and back pain
Technically called "Sasangasana" (sass-ahn-gah-sah-na) rabbit pose is the ultimate spinal tension tamer.
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