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Yoga Fixes for Everyday Life
Yoga doesn’t just stretch your hamstrings. It’s like duct tape—apply it to the parts of your body that are falling apart or sagging at the seams. Use these quick lessons to learn how to treat lots of common, real-world ailments, from anxiety to sore knees to PMS, with easy yoga moves. Then get ready to feel better.

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Fix It With Yoga: High Heel Pain
These moves will soothe your aching feet
Face it. You will never, ever give up your favorite stilettos. No matter how much torment they put you through, you still get a thrill pulling them out of the closet and slipping them on for a night out. You would, however, like to give up the aching you feel after running around the office or chasing after the kids. Karin Wiedemann, director of Urban Yoga in Washington D.C., offered us her relief system for an unbreakable addiction.
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Fix It With Yoga: Energy for the Overwhelmed
Treat yourself to these two anti-stress asanas
Now that the kids are home for the summer, your life has gotten ten times more hectic. Between watching their softball games and keeping things calm at the office, it’s hard to stay focused. J. Michael Taylor of Yoga Among Friends in Downer’s Grove, Illinois, tells us his poses for keeping craziness at bay.
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Fix It With Yoga: Keyboard Strain
Double your digit flexibility with these three yoga moves
Typing is a source of both pleasure and pain. While gushy e-mails are obviously not the same as dry letters to corporate, both can lead to achy fingers and unhappy wrists. Until our computers start using mind-reading technology (scary thought), try these fix-its from Karin Wiedemann of Urban Yoga in Washington D.C., creating breaks in your keystroke-centric day. Use these to prevent and to relieve.
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Fix It With Yoga: Eye Strain
Give your eyes a workout with this pair of socket soothers
Sometimes we don’t even notice how long we’ve been staring at our computer screens. It’s like watching a reality dating show—you just can’t pull your eyes away from the action. But your eyes are just like your shoulders or neck, and they’ll tire just as easily. “Doing exercises for your eyes is like doing hip openers after sitting all day,” says Karin Wiedemann of Urban Yoga in Washington, D.C. When we do look around we tend to move our entire heads instead of just moving our eyes. Use these techniques to pump up your orbs (figuratively speaking, of course), whether you’re already feeling some strain or to fight off soreness.
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Fix It With Yoga: Chest Congestion
Breathe easier with Queen's pose
Stop your coughing, hacking, and wheezing with this chest opening pose.
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Fix It With Yoga: Hangover
Twist toxins (and the gin and tonic) out of your system
Last night’s bender was a doozy. Here’s a move to make you feel better
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Fix It With Yoga: Stress and Tension
20 minutes to total rejuvenation
Spend time in Savasanah (it's also known as Corpse pose for a reason), and you'll relax more muscles than in any other pose. You'll also relax your mind.

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